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Financial Year End Closing

Please remember to plan your purchases early this month so you won’t miss the boat at the end of the month. Additional information for the fiscal year ending September 30, 2017, is available on the Financial Accounting & Reporting website.

  • Concur Payment Requests: 2017 expenditures should be processed in Concur as soon as possible after the expense is incurred. Payment Requests must be submitted and completely through the approval flow to Accounts Payable no later than 5:00pm on October 9th.
  • Concur Travel, Entertainment and Reimbursement Expense Reports: Expenses for trips taken through September 30th are to be charged to your 2017 budget, submitted and completely through the approval flow to Accounts Payable as soon as possible after the completion of the trip, but no later than 5:00pm on October 9th. Please do not reconcile new year P-Card travel transactions prior to October 18th.
  • P-Card Transactions: Concur expense reports for p-card non-travel with a purchase date of September 30th or prior should be reconciled and completely through the approval flow to P-Card Services no later than 5:00pm on October 9th and will post to FY2017. Please do not reconcile any transactions with an October 1st or after purchase date prior to October 18th.
  • Receiving: Receiving should be promptly completed when items are received on or prior to September 30th.
  • Purchase Orders: Fiscal year 2017 orders must be created and approved in buyBAMA by close of business on Monday, September 25th in order for the encumbrance to be brought forward to FY2018. All purchase orders created after September 30 must be charged to FY2018.

All purchase orders outstanding in fiscal year 2017 will be carried forward to your 2018 budget. A budget increase equal to these commitments will be processed to your 2018 budget to the degree that funds are available for funds 11000-11012. Departments will be responsible for budgeting encumbrances in all other funds, if appropriate.

Encumbrances will roll forward October 19th.

Concur Delegates

The Concur system allows users to delegate authority to other individuals to approve Expense Reports and Invoice Payment Requests on the approver’s behalf. If you are a supervisor delegating approval authority to an individual with less authority, it is important to understand that there must be documentation in place to denote your review/approval. This is necessary not only for your protection, but also your employees and delegates. As such, please ensure that you are delegating this authority to individuals at an appropriate level, or work with your delegates to develop an external process outside of the Concur system to document appropriate approvals. For example, in one department on campus, the delegate approver is printing the Concur report and physically providing it to the assigned approver. The assigned approver initials the printed version signifying her review and the delegate approver uploads this signed version into Concur and marks the report approved in Concur. In this example, the documentation demonstrates that the assigned approver is reviewing and approving; and that the delegate, who does not have the authority within his/her role at UA to approve reports on his/her own, is simply completing the workflow step in the system. If you delegate to an individual with equal or greater authority the extra documentation will not be necessary.

Concur Support

As we roll into the Fall Semester and welcome our new students, and new faculty, and new staff; we want you to know that our Concur support will continue.

Throughout the month of August, we are offering special Concur User Profile Help Sessions geared towards new faculty and staff users. In these sessions, we will assist new users in setting up profiles and assigning delegates. See below for the dates, times, and locations:
• Monday, August 7, 9-10:30am in Bruno Business Library, Room 6
• Tuesday, August 8, 9-11:00am in Gorgas Library, Room 204F
• Wednesday, August 16, 1-3pm in Gorgas Library, Room 204F
• Monday, August 17, 9-10:30am in Bruno Business Library, Room 6

If you need help navigating the system and completing reports, we are offering Help Sessions on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays at the Procurement Services Building. The list of dates and times can be found on the Concur website at

We also have User Guides and helpful videos available on the website as well as instructions for downloading the Concur mobile apps to your smartphone or tablet so you can build, review and approve reports remotely!

Thank you for your continued support!