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The Concur P-Card User Access Form is ready!

The Concur P-Card User Access Form is ready!  The new Concur-P-Card User Access Request Form should be used to request (1) access to Concur, (2) a UA P-Card, and/or (3) a Concur Supervisor update.  The form can be completed by any UA employee or a delegate.  A delegate will need the individual’s CWID.  Once completed and submitted, the form will be routed to the org approver associated with the UA employee’s home org in Banner.  The form will then follow a predefined workflow in Procurement Services, and the employee and delegate will receive email updates along the way.  We are very excited to streamline the process for user access, p-card applications, and Concur supervisor updates!  For more information on completing the form and/or approving the form, please see the  User Access Form page on the UA Concur website.

PaymentWorks – Coming Soon!

We are excited to share that Accounts Payable is working to configure and implement a new supplier information system, PaymentWorks, which will automate the vendor onboarding and update process.  Using the system, vendors can submit and update their business information as necessary and also view the status of payments.  Our planned GoLive with the PaymentWorks system is late summer 2019.  As part of the implementation, several users on campus acted as “initiators” last week and invited new test vendors to register using the system.  Through this testing, we received positive feedback regarding the ease of use and the features that will be available to campus users.  Please stay tuned as we will be providing training on use of the system as part of the GoLive phase.  The video below provides more information about the PaymentWorks system.

PaymentWorks Youtube Video

University Services Campus

Furnishings and Design and Contract Administration will be the final divisions of Procurement Services moving to the University Services Campus in early June. Both departments will occupy Building 1021 at 405 Cahaba Circle, formerly Cottage 3 on the USC campus. See the map below for the exact location.

It will be the first time for Furnishings and Design that the entire business and design teams, Upholstery Shop, and Chair Lab will be housed under the same roof. To allow time to move the Upholstery equipment, the shop will be down from May 31-June 11. The employees will physically move to the new space June 6, 7, 10 and 11. Please contact them via email during this time. They will do their best to respond in a timely manner.

Contract Administration employees will move on June 7 and begin holding bid openings and other meetings in the new location later in the month. If you plan to attend any bid openings or prebid meetings, please confirm the location prior to the meeting. You can do so by checking the bid documents, contacting your Construction Administration project manager, or emailing Dan Rodgers at or Leigh Ann Huguley at

Please join us in welcoming Furnishings and Design and Contract Administration to the University Services Campus.

University Services Campus Map

What exactly is Contract Administration?

Of all the branches of Procurement, Contract Administration is probably the least well-known among UA Faculty and Staff. This is because Contract Administration has a very specific mission – compliance with state and federal law for construction projects.

The Alabama Public Works law, found in Title 39 of the Code of Alabama, governs what we commonly refer to as “construction.” The Public Works law is distinct from the Alabama bid law, found in Title 41, which governs the purchase of other goods and services.

Contract Administration’s task is to see that the advertising, bidding, and award of construction contracts complies with Title 39. We strive to promote free and open competition so that public funds are used efficiently, and UA gets a quality end product.

In addition to construction contracts, we also administer contracts for professional service providers such as architects and engineers. Contract Administration is also responsible for compliance with any federal requirements when UA receives a grant for construction.

Contract Vendor Fair

Please join us on Tuesday, April 2, 2019 as Procurement Services hosts a Contract Vendor Fair in the Ferguson Center Ballroom from 10:00 AM until 2:00 PM. Lunch will be provided and many of our current Contract Vendors will be on hand to showcase the products and services they provide for the University. We invite all UA Faculty and Staff to come meet our representatives face to face and learn more about their products. There will be employees from Procurement Services on hand throughout the day to assist and answer questions as well. If you have any event questions, please email Jana Weaver.

Add the Contract Vendor Fair to your Outlook Calendar

Updated Tax Office-Independent Contractors Form

The Tax Office has updated and improved the Independent Contractor (IC) approval process. The updated IC Form utilizes DocuSign and will automatically route to the Tax Office for review once the requestor has submitted the form. The requestor will receive an email notification from DocuSign once the Tax Office has reviewed the request.

Please visit the Tax Office-Independent Contractors’ webpage for more information and detailed instructions.

Impact of HR Learning Management System on eLearnings

As stated in the announcement email from HR on December 18th, employee access to Skillport ended on January 1, 2019. A new learning management system is anticipated to be available for use by late spring 2019. During this time, the Concur eLearning will not be available to complete the Concur training requirement. In lieu of the eLearning course, we will be offering instructor-led courses weekly at the below dates and times. These courses will be delivered in the Procurement Services Building. Please register for the Concur Instructor Led course via Qualtrics.

  • Monday, January 7, from 1:30-3pm
  • Tuesday, January 15, from 10-11:30am
  • Thursday, January 24, from 10-11:30am
  • Wednesday, January 30, from 10-11:30am
  • Friday, February 8, from 10-11:30am
  • Thursday, February 14, from 1:30-3pm

Please contact if you would like to set up an on-campus Concur Instructor Led course for your department.

We are working to introduce instructor led courses for all Procurement Services trainings until the new learning management system is available.

Concur Approver Delegates

With the holidays upon us, we know that many of you will be travelling before and after the UA break. If you are a Concur supervisor or budgetary approver, you can set up a temporary or permanent delegate to approve reports and requests on your behalf. Note that the delegate approver should have supervisory or fiscal authority over the user.

To add an approver delegate for Expense Reports, the listed approver should log in to his or her Concur Profile Settings, select Expense Delegates, then add the temporary or permanent delegate. You will have to set up an additional approver delegate for Invoice Payment Requests by selecting Invoice Delegates and adding the temporary or permanent delegate.

It is important to note that the selected approver delegate must also have approval rights in Concur. Step by step instructions on how to complete this task can be found in the Concur Expense User Guide (page 8). For other helpful Concur information, please visit the UA Concur webpage.

Fiscal Year-End 2018

With FY18 ending in a few short weeks, it is important to note the below dates to ensure that Procurement Services can process all orders and post all transactions to Banner within the Financial Accounting deadlines:

  • Bids must be requested by Friday, August 31st at 5 pm
  • BuyBama Purchase Orders must be created and approved by Monday, September 24th at 5 pm
  • BuyBama Receiving must be completed by Friday, September 29th at 5 pm
  • Concur Payment Requests must be submitted, approved by all approvers, and to Accounts Payable for processing by Friday, October 5th at 12 pm
  • Concur Expense Reports must be submitted, approved by all approvers, and to Accounts Payable and P-Card for processing by Monday, October 8th at 5 pm
  • Banner Encumbrances will roll forward on Thursday, October 18th

Important P-Card Transaction Deadlines

With Fiscal Year 2018 closing in a few short weeks, the P-Card deadline of reconciling previous month transactions by the 18th day of the following month must be followed by all cardholders.  All transactions (travel and non-travel) with a prior month transaction date must be added to a report, submitted, approved by supervisor, budgetary and added approvers, and routed to either P-Card Services or Accounts Payable by 5 pm on the 18th day of the following month.  To assist cardholders in reconciling outstanding transactions by this deadline, cardholders will receive a reminder email with a listing of all outstanding transactions on the 14th of each month.  This email will be sent directly from the Concur system (  If the transactions are not reconciled and received in either Accounts Payable or P-Card Services by 5 pm on the 18th, an email notification will be sent out on the 19th directly to the cardholder and will include the cardholder’s supervisor and applicable budget manager.  Failure to reconcile by the last working day of the month will result in card suspension on the first working day of the next month.

All transactions (travel and non-travel) that have a 6/30/18 or prior transaction date should have been reconciled, approved and routed to P-Card Services or Accounts Payable at this time.  All cardholders with outstanding transactions with a transaction date of June 30, 2018 or prior will receive an email notification today.  If these transactions are not received by P-Card Services or Accounts Payable by 5 pm on Monday, August 6th, cards will be suspended first thing Tuesday morning, August 7th.  Reconciliation will be monitored on a daily basis and cards will be reactivated after all charges have been reconciled, approved and received by P-Card Services or Accounts Payable.  If you have any questions or need help with reconciling, please email

As a reminder, at year-end, cardholders will have a much shorter window to reconcile September transactions in order to post to fiscal year 2018.  Transactions with a September transaction date must be reconciled by October 8th at 5:00 pm.