The chart below lists the steps that must be taken to ensure that new employees with procurement responsibilities have access to the appropriate systems and are properly trained.


Steps Required

Optional Training

P-Card Policies and Procedure

Learn the basics of University policies that pertain to the use of the Purchasing Card.
  • Roles and responsibilities associated with the P-Card program
  • Specific program requirements (i.e. allowable/prohibited P-Card charges, documentation requirements, etc.)
  • Resources available to campus
  1. Complete the P-Card Application.
  2. Complete Required Training: P-Card Policies and Procedures

Travel 101

Procure to Pay

Concur Travel and Expense: System Overview and Introduction

This course provides an introduction to the Concur Travel and Expense system including the four modules – Request, Travel, Expense, and Invoice – as well as setting up profiles, delegates, and default FOAPAL information and booking travel. This instructor-led course fulfills the Concur training requirement for new Concur users to gain system access.
  1. Gain approval from your department.
  2. Complete Required Training: Concur Travel and Expense.
Review Additional Resources:

Concur Expense

Concur Invoice

Concur Travel

Procure to Pay

This course gives an in depth view of the procurement process starting with vendor selection and following it through to final payment.
  • Overview of Procurement Policies
  • Vendor Selection
  • Order Placement and Payment Methods
  • Contract Management Overview
  • Purchasing Scenario Examples
This course is designed for employees with purchasing responsibilities. Register.


  1. Complete the buyBAMA Access Request Form.
  2. Complete the training appropriate for the assigned role.

Procure to Pay

Banner Finance

  1. Request Access using one of the following methods.
    1. Indicate the need for Banner Finance Access on the buyBAMA Access Request Form.
    2. Complete the Banner Finance Access Form.
  2. Recommended Training for budget access: Banner Finance