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Holiday Reminder

The holiday season is here!  As you are preparing for the winter break, please don’t forget to take care of any final procurement needs as early as possible.  Purchasing and Accounts Payable often get very busy in the days before the break.  Start now to avoid the rush.

Thank You!

I would like to thank you for all you do in pursuit of the mission of the University. The Procurement Services team is proud to partner with you in providing learning opportunities and services for our ever-growing student population, maintaining our beautiful campus, and meeting the needs of our world class researchers. We thank you for letting us be part of the tradition of success at The University of Alabama.

We have prepared a short video that highlights some of our milestones from the past fiscal year. Please take a moment to view it, and feel free to share with others in your department.

Year End Wrap-Up

Fiscal year end always comes with a flurry of activity, but things should be settling down over the next couple of weeks.  Our procurement staff have been working hard to support you through the process and make things work as smoothly as possible.  We appreciate your cooperation in this traditionally busy season.

Here are a few reminders for upcoming deadlines:

  • Travel vouchers and MDVs for expenditures made prior to September 30th must be submitted by October 8th in order to be posted in FY2014.
  • P-Card transactions with a September transaction date should be reconciled by October 14th.  As a reminder, please do not reconcile any new year transactions prior to October 16th.
  • To give you extra time to finalize everything, we have extended the deadline for turning in P-Card Packets until October 25th.

New Training Manager

Procurement Services is pleased to announce that Jennifer Clark has taken a new position within our office as training manager. Jennifer will be responsible for planning and leading training activities for Procurement Services. Opportunities for training can be found in this issue of the newsletter and on our Training Website.  Jennifer will be working with each of our departments within Procurement Services to develop on going curriculum that will benefit you, the end users. She has developed tutorials and training videos on many topics for your benefit in the areas of Purchasing Card and Accounts Payable with more to come.

Please welcome Jennifer to this new role within Procurement Services and sign up today for one of the many training opportunities in the month of September.