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Have you used our new drop box?

drop boxWe know that work at the University does not stop at 5:00 p.m. on weekdays, and that some of you really need a way to drop things off for Procurement
outside of the normal workday.  That is why we have installed a new drop box in front of our office.  This mailbox-style drop off point is a secure way for you to leave things for us. We check it twice a day, so you can rest assured that we will retrieve your dropped items promptly.

Feel free to use this box for anything that you need to leave for Accounts Payable, Purchasing, P-Card Services, or the Office of Procurement.

FY2015 Reminders and Announcements

August brings the start of the new school year, but in the flurry of activity it is important not to forget that the end of the fiscal year will also be here very soon.  Several of the articles in the August Newsletter touch on things that you will need to know as we get ready to close out FY2015.

In other news, I am pleased to announce that Dan Rodgers has been named Director of Contract Administration.  A native of Winfield, Alabama, Dan graduated from The University of Alabama in 1996 with a B.A. in journalism, and earned a law degree from The University of Alabama School of Law in 1999.  From 1999 to 2007 he practiced law in Montgomery and Birmingham.  He joined the University in 2007 as a Contract Administrator, and has worked in Contract Administration since then.  Please join us in congratulating Dan on his new position.


In the last month we had the opportunity to celebrate the retirement of one of our colleagues, Trip Farmer.  Over his 26 years of service to The University of Alabama System, Trip has served as the Director of Contract Administration on our campus, Treasurer and Controller of The UAB Educational Foundation, and Assistant to the Director of Campus Maintenance at UAB.

Trip joined the newly created Contract Administration department in 2005, and with his background and experience, created policies and procedures that established a level of quality and control which guides the University in maintaining compliance with the Alabama Public Works Law today. He has set the bar, and we are fortunate to have his example and work ethic to guide the department as we strive to maintain the consistency and professionalism he worked so tirelessly to uphold.

It is always bittersweet when we have to say goodbye to one of our co-workers, but we wish Trip well in his retirement.

Collegiate Licensing

The Office of Procurement Services is partnering with the Trademark Licensing Office to help University departments and recognized organizations find and purchase items with imprinted or embroidered University logos or insignia from licensed vendors.  The Purchasing Department currently has contracts in place for various items (t-shirts, lanyards, uniforms, etc.); however, the artwork still needs to be reviewed and approved before a purchase is made.  A new electronic process has been established to expedite and streamline the approval of these items.  Please see the licensing page on the Purchasing website for more information.

Department Visits

One thing that I enjoy about working in Procurement Services is getting the opportunity to go out and meet the members of our campus community that are involved in procurement functions.  In the past month, we had the opportunity to provide two one-hour training sessions for the staff in the College of Arts and Sciences.  I would like to thank all of the participants and those responsible for making the arrangements.

Our sessions focused on updates from Procurement Services to include information from Contract Management pertaining to  DocuSign and the Professional Services and Guest Speaker Agreements.  We also discussed Accounts Payable topics to include processing of Miscellaneous Disbursement Vouchers (MDVs).

Please feel free to contact Procurement Services if your division/department is interested in learning more about Procurement Services.  We welcome the opportunity to come to your area and meet with your faculty and staff on any procurement related topics of interest.  We are happy to create a customized presentation to meet your specific needs. For additional information, please review the Procurement Services website.

Procurement Changes

Spring is often a time of renewal and change. Our campus blooms with the new flowers of the season and the sun begins to peek through the clouds. We also have some exciting changes happening in the Office of Procurement Services.

Effective April 1, the staff in Contract Administration will became part of Procurement Services. They will continue to provide excellent service to the University while administering all contracts and agreements related to construction projects. This change will allow for all procurement of goods, services, and construction to be under one umbrella.

I am also pleased to announce that Mary Katherine Poole has recently joined our team as the new Director of Accounts Payable. She is a UA graduate who comes to us with a wealth of accounting experience. Please help her feel welcome as she becomes acclimated to her new position.


For some time now the Purchasing Department has been working on a solution to make it easier to buy from contract vendors and simplify the process of entering a requisition.  The new system, called BuyBama, gives users the ability to shop from many online catalogs under a single sign on.  It also streamlines the process of obtaining P-Card limit increases for purchases with contract vendors, and provides a more user friendly environment for entering requisitions.

I am pleased to announce that testing on BuyBama is nearing completion and we will soon be moving to the pilot phase.  You can expect to hear more about BuyBama as we begin implementation over the coming months.

Professional Services

Under the recently announced Professional Services policy, departments should no longer sign Professional Service Agreements.  Instead, they are to be routed to Contract Management for review and signature.  New templates have been created for Professional Service Agreements and Guest Speaker Agreements.  In collaboration with the Tax Office, Contract Management has developed a Professional Services Matrix to give guidance on the documentation required for various types of services.

Please visit the Professional Services webpage for more details and links to the necessary documents.

Professional Services and Independent Contractor Policies

Please carefully read the following announcements from the Office of Procurement Services:

  •  A new policy pertaining to the procedures for obtaining professional services was recently approved and is effective immediately.  Departments should refer to the policy when making arrangements for services that are not available through a standing contract.  Contract Management has created a Professional Services web page to serve as a reference for your convenience.  The site contains links to the new templates for Professional Service and Guest Speaker Agreements, a new Professional Service Matrix, the updated Independent Contractor Form, and the new Professional Services Policy.  All Professional Service and Guest Speaker Agreements should be routed through Contract Management for review and signature.  Departments will no longer be authorized to sign these agreements.
  • The independent contractor (IC) approval process, managed by the Tax Office, has also been updated.  The new IC Form is a user-friendly fillable PDF which can be automatically submitted by email to the Tax Office, then electronically signed and returned by email to the department.  The new IC Form includes more thorough questions which will reduce the need for follow-up inquiries. In addition, the new Independent Contractor Policy provides a useful reference for understanding the IC approval requirements.  Please visit the Tax Office-Independent Contractors webpage for more information.
  • We are pleased to announce that Contract Management has new simpler web addresses:  Please make sure to update any bookmarks in your browser.

Happy New Year

January is a time for renewal and fresh starts.  We make plans for the new year and set personal or professional goals to work toward.  Why not make a New Year’s resolution to expand or refresh your knowledge of Procurement topics?  We offer training in several formats to accommodate scheduling needs. You may choose to attend an in-person class, view a quick training video, or complete an online tutorial.  We are always happy to customize and deliver special training sessions to meet the needs of your department.

We have also introduced a new certificate for those who complete all three of the basic Procurement courses.  Please see the article below or contact Jennifer Clark for more information.