Purchase or Payment Request Approval Forms Submittal Guidance – Updated on 10/1

Effective 10/1, the Purchase or Payment Approval Form is no longer required for purchases or payments $20,000 or less.  The spending restrictions eliminating non-essential or discretionary spending will remain in full effect.  Please be sure to include a detailed business purpose with your Expense Reports and Invoices that explain why the good or service purchased is essential. Purchases or payments of $20,000 or less may be audited to confirm compliance with the spending restrictions described above.

As directed by Matthew Fajack and Dr. Kevin Whitaker, the University is continuing to eliminate all non-essential or discretionary spending until further notice.  All purchase and payment requests over $20,000 (updated 10/1) except those funded by research contracts or grants are required to go through additional levels of approval using DocuSign Purchasing and Payment Request forms.  There are multiple approval forms in order to accommodate approval authority thresholds and final approving authority.  Campus was previously advised to contact a Purchasing Senior Buyer for the appropriate approval form link since the forms were being routinely updated to address the needs of both campus leadership and campus users.   We are now in a position to communicate the different scenarios and approval form links which should help alleviate submittals on the incorrect form.  Please see scenarios and approval form links below.  Please continue to contact Procurement Services with any questions regarding the approval forms.

Purchase or Payment Request Approval Forms:

Tips to ensure a fast review of your approval form submittal:

  • Please provide a description that someone not familiar with your product or service will be able to easily understand.
  • Please provide a detailed explanation for the “why is this expenditure essential” question during this time of restricted spending.
  • Please attach any documentation in the attachment section that may be helpful to reviewers (e.g. associated contract, email correspondence, invoice, etc.)
  • The approval form is for expenditure review only and should not be misconstrued as Purchasing compliance approval. All University Purchasing policies and guidelines remain in effect during this time and should be followed before order placement.
  • Please include the approved form with your supporting documentation for payment or reconciliation.