Procurement Year-End News December 2019

FY19 Accomplishments

Thank you for being one of our campus partners.


In lieu of our usual newsletter format, we would like to take a moment to reflect on the past fiscal year. For everything you did and for working with us along the way, we would like to extend our gratitude and share some FY19 accomplishments! Your hard work and support have made the difference in our year.

  1. Accounts Payable, P-Card, and Procurement Training worked with OIT to create the Concur-P-Card User Access Form to streamline the process for requesting access to Concur, a P-Card, a supervisor update, or any combination of the three.
  • The average “life span” of a Concur Expense Report from the first submit to the final approval in Procurement Services is currently 3.8 days.
  • Purchasing issued 126 competitive bids. Due to the competitive bid process, Purchasing was able to negotiate an estimated $508,000 in cost savings for FY19 and received $1.5M in rebates for the University.
  • There were 16,341 catalog orders were completed through buyBAMA totaling $11.7M in spend which is the most since buyBAMA’s implementation 4 years ago.
  • Purchasing reviewed 2,722 Branding & Licensing Approval Forms in FY19 for Purchasing compliance, which is the most since the form’s implementation approximately 3 years ago.
  • Contract Administration is currently working with Finance and Operations IT Support to create a new construction change order process. Change orders under the new system will be easier to prepare, faster to complete and have fewer mistakes.
  • Contract Management and Procurement Training worked with departments on campus to streamline the Permissive Use Agreement process. This will make submission of PUAs faster and easier for campus users.
  • The Procurement Contract Portal is now the only accepted method for contract submission. Contract Management and Procurement Training have created both a written instructional guide and a video with step-by-step instructions to assist our campus users. These training materials can be found on the Contract Submittal webpage.
  • Furnishings and Design began a project for Event Management to serve as a collaboration space during events such as inclement weather, campus security events, football traffic, etc. Special thanks to the campus partners that helped!
  • Furnishings and Design worked along with campus partners from all corners of the state to successfully complete a unique project at the GulfQuest Maritime Museum site in Mobile, Alabama for The University of Alabama’s Office of Research and Economic Development.

FY19 Stats

It is truly a pleasure to work with you all!


Campus submitted 3,295 Purchase Orders to Purchasing totaling approximately $81.5M in spend.

In FY19, Contract Administration bid 99 projects, resulting in 86 construction contracts worth a combined $183.8M.  We also processed 2,348 designer agreements, purchase orders, pay applications, and other construction-related documents.

Campus submitted 40,674 Expense Reports including 82,000 out-of-pocket transactions and 54,000 P-Card transactions totaling over $27M that were processed in Accounts Payable.

Accounts Payable processed over 20,000 Concur Invoices submitted by our campus partners totaling almost $154M and approximately 7,000 invoices on purchase orders totaling almost $75M.